Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy Clarifies the procedures by which Server Stock utilizes and ensures the security of any information you furnish during your interactions with us, whether through this website or alternative methods like phone, email, or written communication. Ensuring the security of your privacy remains our utmost priority. Any personal information requested from you during your website interactions will be used strictly in adherence to our privacy policy Kindly note that Server Stock retains the right to revise its privacy policy. We suggest periodically reviewing this page to confirm your agreement with our policies. Your use of our site and services implies your acceptance of our privacy policy. Furthermore, you grant consent to Server Stock for the storage, processing, and sharing of your information, as specified in our privacy policy. If you disagree with these policies, we kindly ask you to refrain from using this site. Carefully review our Privacy Policy to gain a thorough understanding of how we process your data to enhance our service.

Who Are We?

Server Stock is dedicated to providing a dependable platform to fulfill your hardware requirements. Our office is located at F-10 Leaf House, Catherine Place, Harrow, HA1 2J, with the company number 15092277. You can contact us via phone at +44 247 542 0877 or through email at If you have any inquiries or concerns regarding the protection and security of your data, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly at

Information We Collect:

The data we collect from our customers serves the primary purpose of order processing while also contributing to the improvement of our service quality. This information is utilized to provide customers with relevant details, order confirmations, and status updates. Additionally, it helps keep customers informed about our products, services, and those offered by our affiliates. The collected data includes customer names, billing and shipping addresses, telephone and fax numbers, email addresses, and payment information (such as credit card details for order processing). Our aim in gathering this data is to gain insights into the shopping experiences and buying habits of our customers, ultimately enhancing our services and delivering an improved shopping experience.


To initiate the processing of your orders, You may have to register with us. Throughout the registration process, you will be prompted to provide your contact details, your name, email address, telephone number, and address. This information will be utilized for the purpose of keeping you informed about the status of your orders through email updates.


While registering, we collect information essential for processing your orders, including credit card details, personal information and payment confirmation details. It's important to emphasize that we strictly use this information for billing purposes and to complete the order processing. Your financial details are not stored on our site but are shared with the merchant bank solely for authorization and approval. Rest assured, our robust security system is in place to safeguard this process, reflecting our deep commitment to ensuring the privacy and security of our valued customer

Use of Cookies

We utilize cookies to elevate your experience on our website. By gathering information about you, we personalize specific pages and services to better suit your needs. Cookies play a vital role in analyzing and enhancing our services, as well as detecting fraud. They empower us to identify your browser throughout your visit and display the items in your shopping cart. Customers have the option to disable cookies in their browser, we highly recommend enabling them to fully enjoy the special services available at If you wish to disable cookies, please refer to the help function in your browser's toolbar to learn how to prevent the installation of new cookies or disable them completely.

Third Parties That May Access Your Information:

We collaborate with third-party companies to facilitate various functions, including shipping, order tracking, credit card processing, and postal and email delivery. This information is pivotal for ensuring the successful delivery of packages and contributes to data analysis, marketing, and order fulfillment — all essential elements in achieving our primary goal of delivering your order efficiently. While these third-party associates have restricted access to your personal information, we assure you that it will not be used for any other purpose. At our company, we consider customer information as one of our most valuable business assets and commit to using your personal information strictly within the guidelines outlined in our Privacy Policy. Your safety and privacy are our top priorities, and we are devoted to providing you with the finest shopping experience possible.

Linking to External Sites:

The website may feature numerous links directing to third-party websites or applications. These external sites and applications may gather information about you. We encourage you to be mindful of this when leaving our site and recommend reviewing the privacy statements of each application and website you encounter. This privacy policy pertains to information collected by; therefore, any linked websites or applications you visit are not owned by us. The website may feature links redirecting you to other third-party websites or applications, which may collect information about you. Consequently, we strongly advise exercising caution when navigating away from our website and recommend reviewing the privacy policies of every website and application you encounter. Please note that our privacy policy exclusively applies to information collected by We neither own nor operate any linked websites or applications and bear no responsibility for their policies and practices.

Make Use of a Security-Enabled Browser:

Security-enabled web browsers can optimize your browsing experience while ensuring the highest level of data security. Conversely, an insecure web browser may result in the installation of false apps or viruses on your computer without acknowledgment. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability to take control of your computer or even steal your information, which they can then use to launch attacks on other computers.

When You Volunteer Information:

By offering feedback or volunteer information on our website, such as through reviews, forums, or chat files, you agree to the partial disclosure of certain aspects of your personal information. We utilize this personal information to generate original content for our site, allowing other users to benefit from your positive experiences with Server Stock. Rest assured that your opinions, reviews, and feedback will be maintained in their genuine and unaltered form, preserving their intended meaning.

You Are Free to Opt-Out:

When opting to share information or engage in the feedback section of the site, including reviews, opinions, forums, chat files, or other forms of public communication, please be mindful that certain elements of your personal information may be disclosed to some extent. By contributing feedback or sharing information on our website, you consent to us utilizing your personal details to generate original content for the site, aiding other users in benefiting from your positive experiences with Server Stock. We assure you that your opinions, reviews, and feedback will be preserved in their genuine and unaltered form.